Macro Coverage

InBuildingRadio provides testing of your existing public safety radio coverage to determine if the existing coverage is adequate, and  if not, where the coverage is deficient.  Often, coverage on the upper floors of buildings is much better than lower levels, and below ground levels.  It is essential that the macro coverage is determined so that the in-building radio system is not under-designed or over-designed.

Donor Link Testing

If coverage is not adequate, InBuildingRadio will test and record the signal levels being received from the public safety repeaters.  This information is needed to develop the design of any in-building radio systems, especially the downlink and uplink gain levels.

Cable Testing

IWhen or while your in-building radio system cabling installed, InBuildingRadio can support testing your cable installation, verifying the integrity of the cable and connector installations, and cable losses.

DAS Antenna Testing

After the in-building radio system is installed and configured, the signal levels under each system antenna is tested to ensure that cabling and connections are correct, as well as BDA settings.  This data is also used for post installation maintenance testing, as a means of assessing any damage to the distribution system, and also to assess possible donor link changes due to local construction.

DAS Coverage

After the in-building radio system is installed and configured, , and the signal levels from all system antennas has been verified, the coverage of the in-building radio system is tested to verify that the coverage is now adequate and compliant with Fire Code requirements.

Need RF Grid Testing to determine existing coverage?