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Dick Abbott is the owner of InBuildingRadio

Dick has over 30 years experience in RF Engineering, beginning with installing 2-way radios in taxicabs, leading to designing microwave, satellite, and broadcast TV/FM communications systems for commercial and government clients domestically and internationally.

Dick began focusing on two-way radio in-building radio systems in 2001 with the MassPike Central Artery Tunnel as a project consultant.  He founded InBuildingRadio in 2015.

Dick has a Bachelors Degree In Electrical Engineering, has an FCC GROL License, an iBwave Level 2 certification, and training certifications from SOLiD,  Comba, Fiplex, and ADRF.

InBuildingRadio was founded in 2015 in the Washington DC Area, and moved operations to Palm Coast, Florida in 2018.

We are a current member of the Safer Buildings Coalition, the NFPA, APCO, Florida Fire Marshall Association, and BICSI.

We have made a number of contributions to NFPA 1221 and its replacement NFPA 1225, including both equipment and documentation requirements.

We were an active participant in the FCC signal booster rule-making Docket 10-4, including limits on uplink noise, the relaxation  of emission masks, and revisions to Class A signal booster bandwidths.

We seek to balance the needs for in-building radio coverage, with the need to protect the existing public safety networks, while minimizing the costs of these systems to building owners, and discouraging the proliferation of in-building radio systems where they are not needed.

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